? putting a turbo on a go kart ?

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i just got a nice kart already set up for a little speed. the motor on it now has to come off, and am going to put an 18hp B&S on it. 6 speed transmission already on it, blah, blah. My real intention is to turbo charge it once the engine is replaced, but i want more info on a few methods. such as the hair dryer, smog pump, and leaf blower. i have considered useing a dirt devil hand vac.(if anyone has any ideas). any info on any of these methods would help greatly. would love any type of blueprints or diagrams, websites. anything to further my new toy.

-- Dade Murphy (xm0e@yahoo.com), January 27, 2005


Kirby vaccum cleaner blower. In between the carb and intake manifold. Use a different motor or have the original rewired for 12v (or whatever) Or use the motors crank to drive a shaft mounted in place of the vac motor. -Jeff

-- jeff (lazzer408@yahoo.com), February 24, 2005.

would it be possible to take a car alternator hook it up to your gokart engine and have the alternator run an electric driven air pump which could in turn be used to supercharge your intake manifold at a set air pressure that the air pump was governed at maybe a few pounds above atmospheric pressure? just a thought off the top of my head it may not work but should if you governed the amount of air coming out of the pump and put in the additional fuel needed. let me know what you think.

-- Greg Lankford (greg60442000@yahoo.com), March 08, 2005.

why not try force air intake in the form of a hoodscoop which would forse air into the carb at high speed it a cheap mans turbo lol even if u could get your hands on a high speed computer fan that runs on 12volts dc u may have to put a rectifeer on your engines harness to change the ac output to dc to work the dc fan

-- jamie payne (payne_jp@hotmail.com), March 10, 2005.

u can find turbos that are about the size of a cd try looking on ebay for one that is used

-- bill kenel (billkenel@hotmail.com), March 13, 2005.

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