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how much does a doula earn in a year?

-- laura (, January 27, 2005


Hi. It really depends on the doula and how many clients she will get a month. The average cost of a doula is around 500.00 dollers per birth with all the prenatal and postpartum meetings as well. So most doulas make any where from a couple hunderd to a few thousand a year. Most doulas will have volunteer clients and the such so Its not a very high paying job at all. If your planning on making a usful income from it I would look elsewhere. The business cost is almost as much as a doula would make a year for brochures,biz cards,website,supplies for doula bag,prenatal handouts ect. But it is a very rewarding profession. Hope this helps. Ashleigh Welch. P.S. If your looking for info on doula I would check out DONA (doulas of north america) postboards they are very active and have a weath of really good info on them.

-- Ashleigh Welch,PBD,PPD (, January 27, 2005.

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