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I recently got a call from the head of my company telling me I was under investigation for employee theft of products. I had not stolen a thing. He did not believe me and told me he dealt with people like me and he would involve the police and I was to pay a large sum of money to the company to cover "the stolen product". He told me I had no way to prove I was innocent because I didn't have any receipts of purchases. I asked him to go back into his records and look but he said it wasn't his time. Make a long story short he told me he expected me to procve zilch and try to hide from him because of my guilt. When I awoke the next morning, I was able to find all of my receipts online through various accounts and sites even though these were only the purchases made with my card. I had tried to explain some purchases were paid with cash and some were purchased for me by family or my husband. He didn't believe me. When I tried to reach him after I found my "proof" he was nowhere to be found. He wouldn't return my calls. I finally spoke with him this morning and he denied every mentioning the police or calling me a theif. By now everyone I worked with thinks I am a theif and I can't even go into the place of buisness or other locations without being asked to leave. This has taken up so much time and energy. Do you think I have any sort of case again this man or the company?

-- Aleah Ryder-Cline (, January 25, 2005

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