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So - be honest now - do you make your bed every day? When I was a kid, Mama made me make my bed everyday. I got around it by sleeping on top of the quilt, covering myself with a sleeping bag that I stuffed in the closet during the day.

Nowadays, when I get up, I fold the covers all down to the end of the bed then shut the door of my room while I am showering so the bed can "air"; I then make the bed when I'm done with my abulations. I shut the door to keep the cat off the bed so there isn't cat hair on the sheets - I'm like the princess and the pea; can't sleep if there is anything "foreign" in my bed! - and she loves nothing more than an unmade bed.

Pop and Hubs only make their beds when I change the sheets (I make them help.) If I didn't really love the quilt that is on Hubs' bed, I would make him a duvet with an easily changed/washed cover so that his bed would look a little nicer with minimal engery on his part. His bed looks like WWIII has been fought in it when he gets up; the only way you can tell anyone has been in mine is because the feather bed has a hollow in it!

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2005


I have a patchwork quilt that I use and spread. Real simple. I streatch out my husbands side when he gets out in the morning, then finish my side once I get out. Plain pillows on top.

My husband on the other hand, will leave the quilt a mess if he gets out last. When he worked shifts, I asked him to make the bed and he asked why I couldn't. Can't make it if you're still in it. DUH!

Son takes after me and can't sleep if the bed hasn't been made a certain way. He likes everything tucked in. I couldn't sleep like that.

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2005

Are you kidding, Polly?? If I had my choice I wouldn't make my (our) bed...but I HATE to crawl into a bed that's all messed up from the night before!!!! I really dislike a bed that's been "short-sheeted" from the previous night. And...unless I make up the bed in the morning...sometimes one of my cats will make herself comfortable in it with just ONE tiny bit of cat litter on her foot which ends up on MY side of the bed....which drives me absolutely CRAZZZYYY!!!! Kinda like the princess and the pea I guess :-)!

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2005

Funny you should mention beds.....I spent this evening washing my beautiful new quilt (first time), changing linens all the way down to the mattress, because my freaking dog peed on my bed!! I can't believe she peed on the bed she sleeps in; I think she lost her mind! I like to killed her, it made me so mad. I have put up a barrier on the stairs and there is no way she is getting up here tonight, or maybe a month of nights. Stupid goddam pets! I try to make my bed every morning,but usually only am able to make it part way because aforementioned stupid dog is still sleeping under my covers when I leave and I have to leave her an exit. I've tried to get her to make it when she leaves but so far she's too dumb to figure out how. I like things to be tidy and in their place, although I usually fail in this endeavor. Dog is never allowed anywhere near my pillow; I would not be able to sleep in bedding that smelled of dog. Right now dog is sleeping in living room,and is lucky to be there, instead of out in the backyard snowbank where she deserves to be.

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2005

Yes, I'd probably go nuts if I left the house with the bed unmade... (I'm getting wayyyyy too neurotic for my own good!). I have a big down comforter with a duvet cover, so I just sorta yank everything up and over the bedding. I usually have to move the 13-lb cat along with it though.

One of my good friends makes her bed before she leaves the bedroom in the morning (like even before she gets up to pee). I feel pretty normal in comparing myself to her!

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2005

I sleep in my sleeping bags on my bed. In the morning I roll my two sleeping bags into the foot chest and throw the hard tonneau that I made from som old pillows and a spread glued to a piece of veneer paneling on the bed. Wrinkle free bed made in 20 seconds.

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2005 couldn't possibly be referring to your cute little Pug, are you??!! Is she still on your sh** list :-)??

I have one cat that absolutely LOVES to cough up hairballs on the bed...rather than jump down to the floor where all my other (the smart ones) cats do their barfing!!!!

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2005

Marcia, my indoor cat will not puke on the bare he require puking on the lovely area rugs that are so hard to clean! When I catch him hurling, I move him off the rug, but he struggles to get back on it. Go figure...

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2005

Barfing and peeing and whatnot! Whyever do humans keep these filthy critters in their homes?

Little dog is sleeping on my bed tonight; I have covered my beautiful quilt with an old very plush absorbent comforter since I can't trust her anymore. She looked at my for two evenings in a row with those sorrowful eyes and finally got to me.

Anyway, she says, the cat did it.

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2005

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