I want slide projector behaviour for my VCD slide show.

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The software people outline all of the wonderful copying features but hardly mention playback features. During the presentation of a slide shown I would like to be able do all of the things we could do with the old slide projector. Perhaps you can tell me if features such as stopping to view a slide, going back to a slide (back and forth) fast back, fast forward.

Is this technology software or hardware dependant? Can someone answer this question for me as well as recommend the software or hardware needed? The question applies to VCD and DVD. Many thanks. Larry

-- Lawrence Moreau (skyace@aei.ca), January 24, 2005


You can do everything you want in VCD slide shows if you use VCDeasy (http://www.vcdeasy.org) to make them. Stopping, going backwards and forwards, etc. is all possible. You should set each slide to "infinite wait" or something like that for duration when you make the VCD to be able to stop as long as you want. I have never made a DVD slide show so I can't offer any practical advice, but it should be the same for DVD slide shows as VCD slide shows.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 24, 2005.

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