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February is rapidly approaching...African American History Month. We have attempted and have been successful in celebrating our history every month...not just February. Additionally, many of us will celebrate "Founder's Day" remembering the birth of Bishop Richard Allen. How will you and your church celebrate the month of February? Feel free to share your ideas so we may infuse your ideas into our own celebrations!

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2005


Our church will be celebrating "Black History Month" through means of Christian Education ministry. Our focus for the month as every month is "Evangelism" and recruiting souls for Christ. Our youth of the church are trained how to go out and evangelize and bring other youth to services. After recruiting these souls for Christ, an invitation is extended for the new recruits to attend our fourth Sunday service which will be a program entitled "Jam For Jesus" youth Explosion. Featuring a rap group who will testify and rap spiritual songs in ministering. Also, the praise dancers will perform. A youth pastor will teach on "Overcoming Sin in a sinful world". We feel that it is highly important to interact and relate to youth today in their language and at the same time minister as Christ did with the basic essentials. On the following Monday evening, the new souls for Christ are invited to our "Community Youth and Adult Bible Study" where the meaning of Salvation is taught and the "Black History Month" lecture series will be taught on the African Persons of the Bible such as; Simon of Cyrene, Zipporah, Queen Sheba, Rahab of Jerico and many others. You can obtain pictures of these persons and others from an African Bible Bookstore or your local bookstore. The purpose for this event is to build positive "Self Esteem" and to understand their role that Black persons or Africans played in the bible. Also, one of the sunday's will be used for all members and visitors to come dressed in African Attire and a service dedicated in prayer for our Brothers and sisters and the world in Africa. Each member and visitor can bring items of necessities and sponsor a financial support for children and families. The pastor's message will be centered around the opression of Africa and the real issues that our brothers and sisters are facing. The celebration of Founder's Day of our church a play presented in honor of Richard and Sarah Allen in understanding the foundation of our historic denomination from its conception to the present. If I can be of any further assistance to you, please let me know.

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2005

Well we're still early in Feb so there's still a lot to do. So far this month though we've hosted a 4 night drama called "Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames". It's a powerful evangelistic play in which we saw approx 300 people step forward to receive Christ. Praise God!

Today we kick off our new believer's class and will hold a baptismal service for all of the new little lambs.

Earlier this month on Sanctity of Life Sunday our pastor preached a powerful anti-abortion message. Afterward I had the privelege of ministering spiritual healing to a lady who had once had an abortion.

We're also continuing with our usual cell groups meeting in homes, discipleship classes, children's ministries, addiction support group, and training workers to minister to those with demonic bondages.

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2005

February marches on and today we had a good Sunday. In the morning service we baptized 9 in water. We also announced groups who are:

1. Going to a children's home to throw a Valentine's Day party for the kids.

2. Going to Durban South Africa to help with an evangelistic outreach. By the way we have other groups going to Mexico and Nicaragua soon.

We also introduced:

1. A new staff pastor we hired just this week. He'll focus on our upcoming building program and senior citizen ministries.

2. A couple who are candidating for our new children's pastor position. They're hosting a kid's rally this evening.

3. A couple who are itinerating for the mission field in Russia.

Pastor preached a powerful message on The God Who Answers by Fire. He told us how God moves in the supernatural for those who are hungry for him. The impact was powerful, and 6 people gave their hearts to the Lord afterward. God is GOOD!

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2005

Thank you RP, for the church announcements. That hat looks real good with that dress. But those white shoes should be put away until Easter.

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2005

I can always count on you to reply to every single post I make Harold. I don't get the meaning of this one though. Based on your record though I'm sure it's a diss.

Celebrate the good work God is doing! This is fruit - Great Commission stuff. God is pleased.

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2005

February marches on, and tonight we had a class on the lifestyle of holiness. It was such a blessing to hear how the righteousness of Jesus is imparted to us so that God sees His sinlessness in us. The class was powerfully impacted.

Also as we're obedient our intimacy with God increases.

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2005

Thank goodness, RP, church clerk kept the announcements short today. As a matter of fact they were almost as short as that skirt she has on. Keep up the good work.

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2005

We taught our discipleship class Sunday and Wednesday. Subject was Christian marriage and how through apathy on the man's part a woman can assert herself to headship of the house. We went on to discuss how this is not God's plan per Eph 5:, and some of the problems it can lead to.

Strengthening marriages: God cares about that, and He's pleased.

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2005

Now it is time to explain to the moronic announcement clerk, that God is not pleased by this bragging, that he probably presumes to be an outward sign of piety, it is nothing more, than an example of the worst kind of works righteousness. How can this sin filled racist, declare what pleases God. Notice that he does not ask that God be pleased with the work done in the name of God, but he goes so far as to state that God is pleased as he presents himself as God's self appointed spokesperson. Where is the respect for God, but even more so, has this so called evangelical, strayed so deep into ignorance, that he has become utterly stupid, to wantonly misinterpret the thread, thus unnecessarily insulting other Christians and claiming that this is pleasing in the sight of a God who loves all of his children? Is this really pleasing in the sight of God? Let us pray that this poor soul find peace and understanding.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2005

The question posed in this post is what is your church doing in the month of February?

Dear moderator, I'm sorry to point out that we have another grotesque personal attack against me. We have a repeat offender. Perhaps a strong word of admonishment is in order?

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2005

How cute. The title of the post and the content of the post deals with African American History Month. Are you so dense that your ability to read is impaired? Once again my attacks are at the content of your posts and not you personally because as I have said before, I do not know you and for that I am thankful.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2005

Moderator here...

In the name of all that's holy...

With everything else going wrong on this planet and in the church, can't we find something else to talk about?

A question was asked of several THOUSAND people: "What is your church doing for Black/African-American/Negro (yeah, I said it) History Month.

There were only TWO responses, one of which triggered that "hat and dress" comment (Yes, RP, you were being dissed).

We as a church body should be ashamed that we cannot tell the world (and comments that appear on this board show up on Yahoo and Google) what the A.M.E. Church is doing.

RP is bragging about his church. But you know what? If I were looking for a church home, I would at least know that something is going on at his church, and it excites him so much that he wants to share.

So I will ask the questions:




-- Anonymous, February 10, 2005

Thanks Dear Moderator.

Black history month? We're not doing anything on that. We have President's Day during February too and we're letting that pass as well. Well, that's not true. Some of our less mature people will skip church for the 3 day weekend so we will note President's Day in passing with a small amount of sadness.

But Feb 20 we're hosting Dave Roever. He is a speaker who is in very high demand, and the Lord dropped an opportunity in our lap to host him on short notice.

Dave was a Navy SEAL during the Vietnam war. At the time he was unsaved. One day as he was preparing to throw a phosphorus grenade a bullet hit the grenade. It went off in his hand, horribly disfiguring him.

While he recovered he came to know Jesus, and was delivered from dispair by the Lord. Now he travels the world speaking for God. Not surprisingly I've heard his message centers on hope and recovery. God is pleased with that.

I've never heard him before so I'm looking forward to it. Pastor has been encouraging everyone to get the word out around town, so any readers in the vicinity of Abilene Texas are invited to New Hope Church Sunday, Feb 20. Actually you're invited ANY time.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2005

and the FOOL-ishness continues. The person (RP) does not have a clue and frankly does not want one.

But to address the Moderator's Question

The AME churches of the St. Louis Metro East gathered Wednesday night for an Ash Wednesday service, which in the tradition of African American Heritage Month celebrated the faith of our ancestors who taught us to serve the Lord in all times and it also gave us as several churches a chance to come together and speak to our community that God is alive and His Spirit is moving. It was a celebration of faith and a celebration of our heritage as believers in a God that urges us to do justice.

During the service, I heard a woman testify on the day of her 89th birthday, that Jesus was yet alive, she recounted some of the trials that God brought her through and she closed by rejoicing. The connection of our faith and heritage is so intrinsic to the Black psyche that I am always incensed, when anyone mocks it in any way.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2005

A testimony from someone who has overcome adversity through God's power will encourage the whole Body. God is pleased.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2005

As we joyously report on the activities of our churches this month let's consider:

1. Does this activity irritate the devil? Better yet, does it infuriate him? Is it something he would seek to stop?

2. Does this activity please God? Does it make God smile with approval? Does God care about it at all? Is it something God has told us to do?

3. If you can answer yes to the questions above, that's excellent! Drill a little deeper now and ask why? Why does this church activity infuriate the enemy, and please God?

In my church the month isn't half over, yet look what's been accomplished:

1. Troubled kids are shown a good time and told "God loves them". 2. Hundreds of people from all over this region received Christ. 3. Converts were baptized. 4. New pastors were brought on board. It shows a growing church that can afford more staff, and expanding and improving ministry. 5. Sermons and lessons on the subjects below.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2005

As we joyously report on the activities of our churches this month let's consider:

1. Does this activity irritate the devil? Better yet, does it infuriate him? Is it something he would seek to stop?

2. Does this activity please God? Does it make God smile with approval? Or does God even care about it? Is it something God has told us to do, or is it something we've added?

3. If you can answer yes to the questions above, that's excellent! Drill a little deeper now and ask why? Why does this church activity infuriate the enemy, and please God? Well, probably because we're obeying Scriptural commands. It shows we have the proper focus. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! No one was more focused than Jesus.

In my church the month isn't half over, yet look what's been accomplished:

1. Troubled kids are shown a good time and told "God loves them". "Let the children come to Me." 2. Hundreds of people from all over this region received Christ. "Make disciples..." 3. Converts were baptized. "Baptizing them in the Name..." 4. New pastors were brought on board. It shows a growing church that can afford more staff, and expanding and improving ministry. "Entrust these matters to trustworthy men..." 5. Sermons and lessons on the subjects below.

a. Abortion - a horrible sin. Not only did we condemn the evil, we ministered healing to those who had been part of it. "In my mother's womb you knew me..." b. Intimacy with God, holiness, obedience, God's love. (nuff said) c. Christian marriage. (Eph 5-6)

6. Also note a HEAVY emphasis on missions. We believe the single greatest reason God blesses our church is this. "Go ye..."

In everything we've done we can point to a Scriptural command. Even in the logistical and business things we do there's a connection.

Consider this a teaching. We can teach here, right? Sure we can.

Also take this post as a prophetic Word to all readers - encouragement to the obedient, rebuke to the disobedient. In Jesus' Name I speak a holy rebuke to all who oppose. I hand you over to Jesus to be dealt with as He sees fit.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2005

OOPS! Had a mis-click. It posted before it was finished. Disregard the upper post.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2005

The great white father comes forth teaching foolishness and has come forth bringing holy rebuke to all who do not bow down and worship at the altar of his throne.

Let the nations fear the great white RP who cometh in the name of racism and ignorance to tell of and take credit for blessings he did not perform to issue rebuke to which he has no basis.

Take your holy rebuke and apply it to thyself.

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2005

RP, I usually choose to ignore, rather than respond to, what I perceive to be your repeated 'baiting" on this board but this really has become too much...even to this non-African American AME Preacher of the Gospel.

One of two things are very clear to me. Either you are:

1)Truly so self absorbed that you are oblivious and without a clue as to how insensitive and disrespectful your responses to the orignal post (and other posts as well) have been. If this is, in fact, the case, I will begin praying feverently that the Holy Spirit might open your eyes and pour out upon you a special measure of humility,sensitivity,concern and compassion for the feelings of others (all of which are qualities of "Christ-likeness" that mature disciples are expected to have) because you DESPERTLY need it. OR 2)You are DELIBERATELY mean spirited, insensitive and arrogant (my personal guess)in which you are really doing GREAT HARM to the cause of the Christ that you profess to love and serve. If that is the case than I can only hope that you come to feel the full conviction of the Holy Spirit for your sin and that you repent and ask God to transform your spirit because it is truly UGLY and so detrimental to the cause of Christ and His Church.

The fact of the matter is that the original post very CLEARLY requested information about what our churches might be doing to celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH. If your particular Church does not sponsor activities relative to the observance of Black History Month that is fine; then you have nothing meaningful to add to the discussion in question. To determine that you ARE going to respond regardless, and then to add insult to injury by proceeding to totally disregard the nature and intent of the thread like it didnt' even exist or have any validity, is to totally disrespect and mock the feelings of the many on this board for whom this once-a-year celebration and recogntion of their marvelous and rich heritage as a people is important; For that you ought to be ashamed...very ashamed.

If indeed you wish to report on the wonderful things that God is doing in your congregation, then start another thread that concerns itself with that subject. Many on this board would be interested to read it and be mature enough to rejoice with you over that which God is doing among our Assembly of God brethren.That you would choose instead, to combine such testimony with your unChrist-like demonstration of absolute arrogance,insensitivity and disregard for the feelings of others,is an insult and an affront to the Christ you claim to honor. For that, I am quite sure, God is NOT AT All pleased!

Yours in the Joy of Jesus, Pastor Mike Barta

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2005

I appreciate you Rev Barta. I'm sincere about that. At least you're praying for me. Some merely choose to vomit on me, and I'm quite disturbed by the lack of posters who condemn that. I'm disturbed by those who aren't embarrassed by him. It shows a lack of shame, or that their hearts are the same as the offender. So you're a cut above, and thanks. BTW I pray for my tormenter.

Actually my posts are prophetic words to the Body of Christ. I was challenged years ago by a missionary who once said that much of what our churches do doesn't bother the devil one whit. Billy Grahm has also been quoted as saying that much of what our churches do could continue right on if the Holy Spirit had never existed. We don't need the Holy Spirit to do what we do. That's disturbing because time is limited and people are going to hell on our watch.

That's my objection to ethnic observations in churches. They don't bother the devil, and they're not inspired by the Holy Spirit. They are a distraction from the Great Commision.

If someone can tell me how many people got saved by paying tribute to Martin Luther King and Jackie Robinson I'll leap for joy. If someone can tell me how many were filled with the Spirit while hearing about Louis Armstrong or Jesse Jackson I'll be the first to shout hallelujah.

I chose to show how the activities of my church DO bother the devil a lot. We're focused and on track. My greatest wish is for my brothers and sisters in the Lord to escape a trap they've fallen into by devoting 1/12th of each year to secular activities.

Now I will admit I have been pleasantly suprised to find some have been able to make a connection between Black History Month and the Great Commission - the making of disciples. That's wonderful and I say go ahead on. I'm encouraged.

I wonder though if all engaging in these activities have found the same success? Or are they taking time off from the Great Commission to do something best taken care of outside of church?

Notice my church's events were devoid of political activity. Some of our folks are neck deep in that, but not during church. That's God's time. Same with some of our Hispanic folk's ethnic celebrations. It doesn't happen during church.

It's not a mocking or mean spirit. It's a prophetic call upward into the fulness of Christ and a focus on the Great Commission. Now who could condemn that? Well, apparently some can and that's sad.

So tell me, what is your church doing that connects Black History Month with what Jesus actually told us to do? Strengthen me spiritually and we'll celebrate together.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2005

Rev. Barta, it is great to hear your prophetic voice under any circumstances. And as usual you respond with the heart of christ.

RP is very aware of what he is doing and he is laughing and having a good time at our expense.

There are two things that can be done.

1.) The moderator can ban him from the board. Which RP himselfs knows would have been done on any other board. He and I are several discussion boards and he knows, he would have been banned from any other board. That is why he keeps coming back, for he knows there are no consequences for him.

2.) He will keep posting until people get fed up and will stop visiting this board

On the sunday before martin luther king day the churches in my 98 percent white town lifted up martin luther king in sermon's and prayers. And after the service almost 3,000 people marched down main street to protest the KKK in our town. Their rhetoric is very similars to RP, they too try to hide behind the cloak of God to put forth their own racist agenda. We in Montana, are wise and we stand together.

Our town said loud clear "No not in our town!"

And so I say to RP "No not on our board!"

I will not speak for anyone but myself, but I am tired of your tactics, I am tired of you causing dissention, I am tired of you not learning about our great zion.

I feel certain there are others who are tired of RP, I encourage you to write and say that.

And though it has been stated that only a few of us are fed up with RP. I believe are voices and opinions should be counted, for we are the ones that regularly post.

RP, no matter what you do, you will not win!

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2005

Moderator back:

Once again, this board has NO BAN FEATURES!

It is not a traditional BBS.

The only thing I can do (that doesn't cost money) is to ask RP to leave the Discussion Board politely.

RP, on behalf of the readers of this board, would you please stop posting? Rev. John Harper

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2005

I celebrated Founder's Day by attending the 11:00AM services at my local church and Church School and 8:00AM service at a different AME Church. I am always amazed that so few of our AME members are aware that Richard Allen's birthday is February 14. We are so socially conditioned to think of Febraury 14 as Valentine's Day that we fail to link that day with anything of AME significance. As the guest Church School teacher for the Adult Class today I provided the following question for members of Flipper Chapel AME as a part of Black History/Founder's Day. Here is the question. There is only one historically black college in the US named for a woman who was an influential Episcopal Supervisor. Who is she? Kindly respond either by this thread or thru my email. If you answer correctly you will be rewarded :-) QED

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2005

Bill, first to answer your question. The only HBCU named for a woman is Coppin State University in Baltimore, MD—named for Fanny Jackson Coppin, who was prolific in her own right and the wife of Bishop Levi Jenkins Coppin, the 30th Bishop of the AME Church.

Now to answer the question on this string: As we have done for as long as I can remember at my church, Cobb Bethel AME Church, founded in 1863, the Morning Worship for the Second Sunday in February is in thanksgiving for the memory of Richard Allen and the ongoing work of the A.M.E. Church. Following worship we gather on the lower level of the church for our Annual Founder’s Day Tea and fellowship. Retelling the story of Richard Allen’s birth and history and the Founding of our Church precedes the Tea.

Additionally, we highlight he accomplishment of the Church which today is celebrating 218 years. Following this is a time of love, sharing and fellowship. On Friday the members of my church will travel to Savannah, GA for the Annual Sixth Episcopal District Founder’s Day Convocation and Parade, which will be held in Downtown Savannah on Saturday, February 19. This event attracts several thousand AMEs and a host of other non-AMEs. Most especially it brings together not only seasoned AMEs, but a most impressive group of Young Adults and Youths.

Today I had an added blessing after church, namely the Centennial Celebration of the Atlanta-North GA Conference M-SWAWO. This event was held at Mount Zion AMEC in Mansfield GA. The pastor's wife there is Conference M-SWAWO President. The capable and dynamic speaker was our own Episcopal Supervisor, Dr. Patricia (Pam) DeVeaux.

As I have often stated, one of my favorite historical persons is Bishop Henry Mcneal Turner—the Twelfth Bishop of the A.M.E. Church. Bishop Turner was a pastor in Washington, D.C and was appointed by President Lincoln as the first Black Chaplain in the US Armed Forces in 1863.

Although he was freeborn in South Carolina on February 1, 1834, Bishop Turner spent most of his years in Georgia. He served and Postmaster General of Macon, GA, US Customs Officer in Savannah and as a Legislator of the State of Georgia. Bishop Turner sued the state and won when black Legislators were ousted by racial discrimination from the Georgia Capitol, causing the GA Government to reinstate them to their post.

Many churches in Georgia and elsewhere are named for him. Macon, GA also has a Post Office named for him. Although Bishop Turner embrace the party of Lincoln he did not allow this to keep him from pointing out the wrong they did, especially President Andrew Johnson and President McKinley’s Administrative polices towards citizens who were black. Thus he was often know to state from his pulpit in Atlanta, "God is a Negro" and that "Hell is an improvement over he United States of America where the Black man is concerned". Although, himself a Chaplin in the Army, he published for all to see a href=“ ”>The Negro Should Not Enter the Army as well as a href=“ ”>The Outrage of the Supreme Court of the United States Upon the Black Man.

Bishop Turner was a colleague of my grandfather for whom both my father and I were named. Each of them served as pastor of some of the same churches including Turner Chapel in Marietta, GA, which bears Bishop Turner’s name. He was also a colleague of the ancestral parentage of Martin Luther King. They were colleagues of Bishops Flipper and Fountain as well.

When Bishop Turner was assigned as Bishop of the Sixth Episcopal District (which included GA and AL). One of his greatest accomplishments was the institution of the Missionary Work of the Church. This he did from he Atlanta Georgia Conference, newly formed— not the more recently formed combination of two conferences—The North GA Conference and the Atlanta GA Conference, now know as the Atlanta- North Georgia Conference. My grandfather, Robert T. Matthews, Sr. was appointed by Bishop Turner as Presiding Elder of the Atlanta Georgia Conference- Griffin District.

It was from this work and Conference and under the Episcopacy of Bishop Turner that the AME presence on the Continent of Africa was planted and still exists.

Bishop Turner was married four times with three of his wives preceding him in death. In 1900 he married the widow of Bishop Waymon who soon after they were married died as well. Thus, he turned for assistance to Laura Pearle Lemon, who was his secretary, an instructor at Morris Brown and who served as nurse for two of his previous wives. In 1907, at the age of 73, he married Laura Pearle Lemon, his fourth wife, whom he preceded in death by only a few short months. Declaring that he did not wish to die on American soil, as his death approached he went to Windsor, Canada where he died on May 9, 1915.

Miss Lemon, the future wife of Bishop Turner called the wives of the Ministers of the Atlanta GA Conference and vicinity to her home at 30 Yonge Street in Atlanta in order to form the Atlanta GA Conference Minister’s Wives Alliance in 1904. At this time Mrs. J. A (H.?) Hadley was elected as President, Mrs. A.L. Matthews as Secretary, Mrs. H.E. Fountain as Assistant Secretary and Mrs. Laura T. Adams as Secretary. Also present was Mrs. J.J. Fleming, Mrs. T.J. Linton, Mrs. J. T. Wilkerson, Mrs. Eliza Baldwin and others. This was the reason for the celebration of today’s event.

As a PK of a PK and the son of a member of the M-SWAWO from 1929 to 1997 at the time of her death, this event was one of which I was extremely proud.

Additionally, Mrs. Laura T. Adams was the mother of Mrs. Nettie Adams Wilkes, the wife of Bishop Wilkes and Mrs. A. L. (Anna Smith) Matthews was my grandmother, the wife of the Presiding Elder of the Atlanta GA Conference-Griffin District. My Grandmother, a href=" ">Mrs. R. T. Matthews, was also elected under Bishop Turner as the President of the Women’s Home and Foreign Missionary Society and served in this capacity for many years. My mother, as her mother before her, was a Life Member of WMS—of which she was affiliated from age 13 till here death at age 89.

As you can see I am clebration our heritage and I am proud of it.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2005

Sorry the links did not come through. Maybe Rev. Harper or Jerryl came link them for me. However you can copy and paste them to work.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2005

Robert -

I thought the "fine print" outlining eligibility indicated you could not participate because of your vast AME knowledge and intellect :-) Of course you are correct (nothing new here) in not only identifying Mrs. Fannie Coppin but her spouse as well. Many thanks for the Founder's Day information/activities in the 6th District. Refresh my memory on something. Several years ago I attended the funeral of the wife of Presiding Elder Plummer in Savannah, GA. I recall being in the church Monumental AME. Is this the church Bishop Turner once pastored? QED

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2005

The preplexed, clueless and now tormented RP opines:

"I chose to show how the activities of my church DO bother the devil a lot. We're focused and on track. My greatest wish is for my brothers and sisters in the Lord to escape a trap they've fallen into by devoting 1/12th of each year to secular activities."

This statement is an example of your intolerable ignorance which is offensive to me and to a particular segment of the body of Christ. How insensitive or stupid can you be to assert that a church that celebrates its heritage of faith has devoted itself to secular activities. That is preposterous. During the month of February in African American churches outreach programs are still going on, bible studies and church school are still being conducted. Programs to feed the hungry, and clothing drives are still going on. The Word is being lifted in Word and Song and in the beautiful poetic and prophetic tradition of Black preaching. The preaching style employed by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to galvanize a people and pierce the hard heart of racist nation. As a reminder that God is still calling nations to justice by speaking through his real prophets. Converts and infants are being baptized, couples are getting married, and the grieving are being comforted by the word of hope.

How can you call yourself having a prophetic voice and yet you speak such foolishness in the name of God. Stop it. You don't have one. First, You need to get a real prayer life and a real spiritual walk with the living God that's what you need. Instead of condemning works of which you have no knowledge, you need to rebuke your racist demons that thwart your cognition.

When your church, because I am sure you were not a part of the activity, threw a "valentines" party, and shared the word and cookies and candy with the children, I don't know how many were "saved" that day, but I think that many were lifted by the love I hope your church showed to them that God loves them and God cares for them. I hope and I pray that in some way some child received a measure of strength for their journey. That is important.

By the same token, if someone is strengthened in their current walk, to keep on and not to give up because of the testimony of the elders, or by the faith history of our ancestors, then once again, the great commission has been carried out. Because a living faith and a commitment to Christ is more than just a walk down the aisle, or a dip in a pool. Just because we don't do it, the way you think we should do it, does not mean it does not get done.

If this is torment to you so be it.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2005

Thank you so much for your entry Brother Matthews. I work as a docent at the museum and any additional information I have is appreciated. We had some visitors last summer who said they were related to Bishop Turner. I cannot remember their names or where they were from or how related, but I do remember they were from the south.

Also, Bishop Turner as well as Richard Allen had no problem with ordaining women. Bishop Turner was almost read out of the connection when he made the proposal.

In addition, last week I mentioned to a visitor that I believed Martin Delaney was an AME pastor. Has anyone else read this? If so, can you point me to the information? Thanks.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2005

Dr. Martin R. Delaney (MRD) was an exceptional black man (physician, explorer, author, abolitionist) but I don't recall him being an AME clergyman. He was a frequent contributor to the Christian Recorder. Copies of the Christian Recorder, the newspaper of the African Methodist Episcopal Church containing MRD's letters are available on microfilm at the University of California, Berkeley Campus, 245 Doe Library, Berkeley CA 94720 6000 SAN 331 6025 (Call 1 510 642 3773 or FAX 510 643 8179). QED

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2005

Thank you so much.

I see my error. I read Bishop Payne's autobiography and he mentions Martin Delaney. He did not say he was a minister.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2005

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