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Hi does anyone know of a Joslin family involveed in the fashion industry in San Fransico during the late 1800'or the early 1900. I am trying to trace a lost relative. Her name was Mary Shield she married an unkown Joslin from San Fransico. Mary was born in the North of England and she was a dress designer. It is believed that her husband was involved in the fashion industry. hope someone can help.

Cynthia Mackenzie

-- Cynthia Mackenzie (, January 21, 2005


That's interesting because I have met people with those names, Shields, Shield and Joslin. I am kind of curious about something here because I have met two people in my life with last names of Shields and know that Shields is a somewhat common name. Could the original name of Shield have been Shields.

Both the woman with the last name of Joslin and Shield are people I met at a party though different parties. The women with the name of Shields I met on a business trip to LA and she is the owner of a company called Shields Communications in Santa Monica. She was really something. As I remember it, she was very active in women's rights and women's organizations.

It wouldn't be such a bad thing to call these people and ask them if they know anything because the names of Shield and Joslin are kind of rare so if they have the same names there is a chance that they may in some way be connected. Sometimes even if they are not connected they may know about it because other relatives or friends may have contacted them by mistake. So I would start by trying to contact those women in San Francisco.

-- Harry Murphy (Harrymurphy*, January 21, 2005.

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