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I was instructed by my manager not to go and help in another department until my job was complete, the night supervisor asked me to how come I was not working in his department and I explained to him my instructions from my manager since then it has been hell. Verbal abuse in front of customers, looking underneath the stall in the restroom to see if is me, suspended for not wearing safety shoes (safety shoes and hardhats are a company requirement to all employees) supervisors and managers DO NOT follow this requirement, one last thing and the best, I caught another employee putting company product in my lunch pail, I asked him what he was doing and he had no answer, I reported this to my supervisor and he stated that the guy was only joking and did nothing. Approximately one (1) week later the guy was transferred to another division in the corporation (can you imagine what would have happen if I walked out the door with something I have no use for). I do record in writing names , dates & time and also audio record these incidents it the audio legal?

-- Mike Dalrymple (CPLMIKED@HOTMAIL.COM), January 20, 2005

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