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This site promotes Catholic doctrines asking the faithful to continue to be faithful to the Catholic faith but attacks the Pope saying that the current pope is actually anti-christ. The current pope is part of the Freemasons society - promoting one-world religion. The pope commit sins of ommission by not doing anything to the bishops, cardinals who protects priests known to be homosexuals. Even provide those dates and events where JPII allow such terrible things happened like the priest who gave holy communion to Clinton (who supports abortions) etc.. Have you guys come across such site. Pretty scary to see some attack coming from within the catholic faithful and also pretty sad to see some of the arguments are quite logical.

-- cool yeah (, January 19, 2005


How do you figure this slanderous pap comes "from within the Catholic faithful"? This is obviously an anti-Catholic site, not a Catholic site. The first measure of a Catholic is faithfulness to the Magisterium and the Vicar of Christ. No-one who rejects these basic essentials is Catholic.

-- Paul M. (, January 19, 2005.

-- cool yeah (, January 19, 2005.

That old thing? Wacko sedevacantist poop. If John Paul II isn't canonized as a Doctor of the Church within thirty years, I'll eat my socks.

-- anon (ymous@god.bless), January 20, 2005.

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