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how can i make my go kart faster

-- kurt (kurtcarter@aol.com), January 19, 2005


put your toes in ur ass

-- go carts suck (kurtcartersucks@aol.com), January 19, 2005.

some of you people are really immature. OK, check to see if you have a speed reducer on it if you do remove and it should help abit.

-- SOLO (LT@650dialup.com), January 27, 2005.

Get a vaccum motor and open it up. Inside is an impeller(at least in mine) in a cylindrical encasing with an opening at the end. Bolt a pully in front of the clutch(you can get one from an exaust fan among other places like a lawnmower store), and use the belt from the pulley to attach to the axle of the vaccum, making sure that you place the vaccum motor so the axle spins the opposite way it used to. Then hook a hose to the new output possible using the vaccum hosing like I did, and hook the other end of the hose to the input to the engine. The cool thing is that the vaccum motor not only acts as a supercharger that adjusts to the speed of the axle, but also acts as a generator and power can be obtained from the power wires for lights, ect.

Another way is to get a larger axle sproket w/more teeth to decrease acceleration but increase top speed.

-- robbie (nostrebor321@aol.com), February 04, 2005.

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