mixed DCC & DC operations

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Mixed DCC and DC operations was last discussed in 1999. Are the conclusions then still applicable? What is the possibility of damage to any electronic equipment when a locomotive crosses a boundary from DC to DCC, and vice versa?

-- Michael Tranquilla (michael_tranquilla@hotmail.com), January 17, 2005


Not sure what was said back then, but nothing has changed too.

If you cross a DCC into a DC power track, you will place the high powered "AC" DCC signal right into the input of your DC power pack. What happens next depends on the design of the DC power pack and DCC booster. "Boom" is a possible outcome. You must remeber that not all DC throttles were designed with DCC being present at the same time. Most designs predate DCC for all practicle purposes. It is a big gamble that is simply not worth the risk.

Lenz does sell a device called the LT100 which goes in front of all your DC power packs. One for each power pack. This devices senses the DCC and DC being present at the same time and attempt to isolated them from each other before damage can occur. $48 each retail.

A better idea would be to have the layout be 100% DCC and with the flick of a switch convert to all 100% DC operation. Done properly, there is no problem doing that. I seem to remember an artical in MR about this very dual mode operating idea with schematic in the past year or so.

Hope this helps

Mark Gurries

-- Mark Gurries (gurriesm@macconnect.com), January 17, 2005.

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