what are three possible causes of poe's death

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where was the memorial statue honoring poe and his parents crafted or designed? what is the Raven Society? where is the Raven Society located? what are five works by poe?

this is for a school project due in a couple of days. they said we could search any where on the web but i have no clue where to find them please help!!! thanx scarlett

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2005


These are answers easily located on Google.com.

Five works? C'mon thats simple! 1. The Raven 2. Anabel Lee 3. Tell-Tale Heart 4. Fall of the House of Usher 5. Pit and Pendulum

I have no idea where the statue is, let alone there actually being a statue. Poe wasn't honored in his lifetime, nor was he shortly after death. He is now though. His parents aren't exactly honorable either. There are two working theories around his father - one that he left his mother shortly before giving birth to Poe (the youngest of the 3 Poe children) and the other theory is that he died. His mother died while he was at a young age as well. So in short, his parents didn't play a huge role in defining his life as a author.

The Raven Society can be researched off the net. I don't know anything about them, but have heard of them. I think it's located in Baltimore.

-- Anonymous, January 18, 2005

THE Poe society is the one at Baltimore whose site at www.eapoe.org is one of the best on the web for any author. A new site at thinkport/knowingpoe is also Baltimore and interactive and excellent.

-- Anonymous, January 18, 2005

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