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i would like to run multiple engines on my track but im not sure how. the instructions on my dcc unit states you can only run two locos at any one time,that more then two locos running may hender thier performance.it also states that running more then two,require additional power,but dont mention how to do this,or how much more power i need,and where to plug in extra power source??!!

-- richard w. hobbs jr. (tempestazrael@yahoo.com), January 15, 2005



You forgot to mention who's equipment you have. No matter, the answer to your question lies with your equipment's manufacturer. It sounds like you have a starter system. Many of these are not expandable. I suggest you check the website of your equipment's manufacturer and see if any accessories are available for it. What you are looking for is to see if they offer any "boosters" For expanding your system.

Another quick way to see if expandability is even an option is that the system you have should have a connector for expanding your system. If all you have is connections for your power source (if not built in) and connection to your track, you may be out of luck with your starter system.

-- Allan Gartner (wire4dcc_admin@comcast.net), January 15, 2005.

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