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Are there any historical records (property or tax) or histories that would give me the names of families who operated dairies in Cow Hollow between 1865 and 1870?

John Jacob Buhmann collected water in Cow Hollow and sold it in pails door to door in the late 1850's. In the 1860's he operated a dairy in Cow Hollow. He left Cow Hollow early in 1873 and moved his large family and cattle by boat across the bay and up the Napa River to the town of Napa.

Thank You.

Andrew Hendry

-- Andrew Munn Hendry (, January 15, 2005


Spring 1998 - The Argonaut - Journal of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society
The Cows of Cow Hollow (William Kostura)
Unearths the dairy farming history of this San Francisco neighborhood. Some individual dairies are analyzed, though a picture of the evolution of the region as a whole (not just milk) also comes across. Maps and capsule biographies of dairymen are also provided

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-- strange (, January 15, 2005.

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