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I am trying to get some information from anyone with AVN who has had a successful SSDI hearing. My son is currently awaiting a SSDI hearing. He cannot work at the present to bilateral AVN in his hips. Until he has surgery, he can not work. He is on morphine and is barely mobile. Somedays he can not move at all. SS seems to think that since he is young, 37, he can learn another skill. This will be true AFTER he has hip replacement surgery and the pain is gone. Does anyone have any pointers on how to get the SS people to understand the extent of the disability at this point?

-- june johnston (junej@gwtc.net), January 13, 2005


I was 37 also when I was diagnosed with AVN. I have ssdi now,but I have found that you need to be diabled for at least a year before they considerate it a disablity. If denied you can reapply again. Just keep trying. I know its hard. I have found there is not much help out there for the first year. Have you tried state assistance. There is some help for disabled people depending on your state. Hope this helps.

-- Margaret R. Clifton (pegclifton@atlanticbb.com), February 08, 2005.

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