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How did the San Francisco 49ers get it's name? Where did it come from?\

-- Joseph (, January 13, 2005

Ongoing discussion here: msg.tcl?msg_id=00Blq5

-- Joseph (, January 13, 2005.

49ers refers to the Gold Rush of 1849.

-- Ray (, January 25, 2005.

The gold seekers who came in 1849 referred to them selves as '49'ers tho I am sure if one came later the name was still used. They often wore red shirts and they sought gold...49'er colors.

-- (, February 15, 2005.

There's an old rhyme that goes something like this:

"The miners came in '49 "The whores in '51 "And when they got together, "They made the Native Son"

-- John Martini (, February 15, 2005.

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