"Old" AOL discs

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Hi! --- Can someone please tell me what can be done with those "old" unused AOL, Juno, etc., computer discs that are sent unsolicited to people? I have a bunch of them to hand over. If there is NO use for them, I guess they're just "e-waste." --- EcoChevy (one of the "original" Suicide Club/Cacophony Society members)

-- Joseph B. Chevalier (EcoChevy@comcast.net), January 12, 2005


I read something about it, I think that in www.rtmark.com they are going to return them all the same day to AOL.

-- Nacho (wignaz@gmail.com), January 19, 2005.

Hi, "Nacho" --- Especially if they're all going to AOL the same day, I would like a person, time, & place to hand them over to. B.t.w., I think I hit the wrong ("remove") reply message @ first. I hope this subsequent message keeps me on the "continuing communication" facet of this bulletin board. P.S.: Are you really a robot, Nacho? Do you look like R2D2, Gort, or one of those nasty things in "War of the Worlds?" --- EcoChevy

-- Joseph B. Chevalier (EcoChevy@comcast.net), January 20, 2005.

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