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My 12 year old daughter has ON in her left ankle. A MRI in June '04 confirmed two spots of ON. She had another MRI in December '04 and found that there has been no change, it has not improved or worsened. The orthopedic doctor does not seem to know what to do now. He wants to wait for another six months, but wont tell us what should be done after six months. I would greatly appreciate any advice or recommendations. Thank You.

-- Robin Batson (, January 11, 2005


I am a 45 woman, i too have just been diagnosed with avn of the ankle - due to use of steroids ( prednisone) it has only been 3 days since I have finally gotten a diagnosis ( its been 4 years since the pain began) I was told there was nothing surgically that could be done- and I would wear an upright PTB boot for two years- (mainly to prevent collapse) and hopefully to encourage reestablishment of bloodflow- I have been wearing a lesser boot for 3 mosnths with no progress--- sorry I don't have any answers for you - but would like to stay in contact and trade progress reports and names or doctors who have worked specific with ankle avn- have you found any good sources? I have alot of inwuiries with friends and have lots of possiblilites --- take care- wishing you my best kathy

-- kathy herman (, February 21, 2005.

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