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hello! I am new to this dvd movies recorder and I would like to ask first, where can I get a free movie decoder for converting avi.files to mpeg. files. Second, if I convert those files, how can I put two mpeg. files on one dvd.

thank you

-- van (, January 09, 2005


1) TMPGenc ( is free for converting to MPEG-1. It will do MPEG-2 conversions free for 30 days unless you buy it or find a cracked version that doesn't expire. 2) You will need a video editor of some kind. In theory, TMPGenc will do this too, but in reality TMPGenc's editor often causes audio synch problems. I recommend MPEG2VCR or MPEGVCR from I think there is a free editor available, but I don't remember the name. and might be of use to you in finding software, getting help, etc. to do what you propose.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 10, 2005.

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