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I am a rural carrier for the US Postal Service. During the holiday season packages become very heavy. My second day on the job after returning from a detailed supervisor position. A confrontation came about between the station and myself. As I was leaving to deliver mail on the street, I informed my supervisor that another hamper of parcels was discovered. I told him I would deliver all of the mail and the parcels that I could take and return around five to deliver any remaining parcels due to all of the parcels could not fit in the vehicle with the mail. At that time he came to look at the parcels and decided we would leave the third class ones. As I proceeded to load the mail and parcels it was discoved that more parcels would have to be left behind because of the load. I then went to the station office. I asked was she aware of the situation. At first she ignored me then I asked again. She then replied "we did not have the problems before you got here. During this conversation the supervisor was also present. I then asked the manager to come and look at what I had. She ignored the response and then applied again she did not have this problem before. Later it was discovered that the supervisor with held the information that I would return and deliver the parcels and also with held that there was a second hamper. I left work because of the heated argument. Medical attention was sought for stress. This supervisor then goes and tell the secretary at the medical facility that I should see a physiatrist. The supervisor intentionally with held information and intervered with my medical attention.

-- Veronica Tate (, January 07, 2005

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