1989 san fransico earquake

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What was the ricter readidng of the earthquake that happened in safransico on wednesday 18th october 1989 and how many people died or where injured how much did the damage cost to repair?

-- david rigby (dav_saber234@hotmail.com), January 05, 2005


If you search down this page (Control + F. Put 1989 in the Find What slot and click on Find Next) you will find several discussions on the quake. Each of them has a lot of information and lots of links.

If I remember right, it was 7.1 on the Richter Scale.

As for the cost to repair, that would depend on what you include (the Belli Building, the PG&E headquarters, several million dollars worth of residential and commercial rentals, etc.) and whether you balance that against the BIG civic improvement of having the Embarcadero Freeway destroyed.

-- Rosa (rosadebon@yahoo.com), January 05, 2005.

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