poor hip flexibility from broken femur

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When I was 8 years old ( I am now 49) another child fell out of a tree and landed on my back while I was standing up. The blow caused my left femur to fracture. I spent a month or so in the hospitol in traction and then six weeks at home in bed in a double leg cast. I recoved OK and resumed my childhood and I was never aware of any problems until I took up Yoga at age 17. I discovered that while sitting cross-legged my right knee fell rather easily to the floor but my left remaind 6-8 inches in the air. Repeated efforts over many months brought very little progress to getting good flex on my left side and after a long time I finally concluded it was more or less frozen - only then did I start to think the broken femur may have left that area stiff. To make a long story short - that area is still stiff and I still love to meditate in cross-legged fashion. I sense that if something could be done to bring proper flex back to my left hip and thigh area it would improve both my meditation and my quality of life in general. I believe this uneven flexibility cause me to lean while sitting and this in turn has caused back and neck problems. Does anyone have any light to shed on my condition? Is there any therapy for 'unfreezing' my joints? Thanks.

-- alex goolsby (alexc.goolsby@comcast.net), January 03, 2005

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