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I was wondering what has happened to this site.

Cheers Bill

-- BillyG (, January 01, 2005


Bill, i cant see any MV on that site...if you like :

lotz of MVs

Happy New Year 2 all MV Friends


-- diego (, January 01, 2005.

Sure is a great site. Great collection of pics.

I should have been more specific. The site I was refering to is the Australian MV Agusta Club.



-- BillyG (, January 01, 2005.

Bill, Contact Julian McLean. He'll let you know what's happening with the Aussie ownwers club. He's the Prez...the site is down but the club is still happening last I heard.

-- Pete hughes. (, January 02, 2005.


If you find out, pls let this forum know.



-- PK (, January 03, 2005.


I think it has been dissolved. Some events happen by word of mouth to MV owners.


-- Doc MV (, January 17, 2005.

Ok I have received an email from Julian Mclean. It stated that the MV Agusta Owners group of Australia is on “hold” at the present time due to lack of interest and some other small issues.

But there are a few riders that still get together.


-- BillyG (, January 17, 2005.

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