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Hi, my name is Barbara Thompson. I am a 58 year old woman, in good shape. I suffered an open book pelvic fracture from a motorcycle accident almost 4 years ago. The injury affected the left side of my pelvis. After my surgeries, my doctor said I bruised the nerves in pelvic area that affect my lower left leg and foot. I underwent 6 months of PT , my therepist indicated there was peroneal nerve damage. I have some feeling in my big and next toe but the others are numb. However, I can spread the toes out fully. Every time I walk more than a few blocks, the bottom of my foot feels like I am walking on marbles and gets almost painfull. When I rest for a few minutes, the painfull feeling goes away and I can continue my walk. I also get nerve zaps that can be startling after I walk distances. I would like to walk more than a couple of miles without pain. Is there any explanation for these sensations or anything I can do that would help?

-- Kennneth L. Thompson (, December 31, 2004


Hi Barbara You really need to see a neurologist!!!!!!!!!! Also type in peroneal nerve damage, Wish I could offer help but just know that others are reading your posts and you are not alone. There is alot of info out here in this www place. I am still searching for answers and refuse to give up. Hope you are going to have a super new year,,,,,Diane from Seattle

-- Diane from Seattle (, January 02, 2005.

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