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Benefits of Quitting Smoking:

• Quitting smoking at any time will make life not only better, but also longer. • If you are pregnant, quitting smoking will improve your chances of having a healthy baby. • Infants and young children are at special risk and could suffer permanent damage due to cigarette side-stream smoke. • You will have extra money to spend on things other than cigarettes. • Studies have shown that more than 25 percent of U.S. adults smoke and if you are a 45-year-old woman who does smoke, the odds that you’ll die in the next decade are 50 in 1,000. • Although 70% of smokers want to stop smoking and 41% attempt to quit smoking each year, 2.5% succeed. • Smoking can restrict the blood supply to the lower spine, leading to chronic back pain, and also can slow recovery from bone surgery. • Research has determined that heavy cigarette smoking by female smokers doubles the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

NOSMOQ Patented smoking cessation aid approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration as the perfect replacement for "behavioral addiction.

What is NOSMOQ? 1. NOSMOQ looks exactly like conventional filtered cigarettes. 2. Similar to regular cigarettes in terms of lighting and smoking. 3. Not a replacement for tobacco smoking but a smoking cessation aid. 4. Invented to be a perfect replacement of “Behavioral Smoking Addiction.”

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-- Anonymous, December 29, 2004

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