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I have let my house be repossessed instead of selling and letting my ex boyfriend have a share, cos he never paid mortgage for 3 years while i lived there and he hasnt paid any maintenance for 4 yrs for our 6 yr old son.

The house is now on the market for 20,000 more than i bought it for, being sold by abbey national. Am I entitled to any money after they have deducted mortgage arrears and fees etc. Or should I leave well alone and move on?

-- lesley douglas (, December 28, 2004


You would be entitled to any balance left after the sale and all fees etc being deducted. What I would say is before getting in touch (assuming they don;t know where you are just now) make sure the house has sold for a profit because if it undersells they will be looking to you for any shortfall.

If your boyfriends name was on the deeds he would be entitle to half of any profits.

Don;t rush in just things closely and then make an informed decision.

Anything you are not sure of...just post a message on the site and someone will keep you right!

Good luck


-- Moira (, December 29, 2004.

Moira is right - tread carefully, but keep an eye on the estate agent marketing the property.

You could ring them peridically using the line, Hello, I'm doing some work for Halifax/B & B etc in xyz road and see you're selling No 234. Could you tell me what it's on the market for, and whether that's realistic. Estate Agents will normally give you the information.

Also, once the house is sold, I believe that purchase prices are now recorded on land registry information, which is public information. For 2.00 you can purchase the register information on line at Follow the links and you will know the purchase price paid. From that you may be able to work out the fees (e-mail if you want some advice) and can go from there.


-- Mark O'Keeffe (, December 29, 2004.

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