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does any know how to build a ski-lift for snowboarding...just something that would be a big rope in a circle going around...i was thinking about using a 3 or 5hp engine for the job and somehow gearing it down really low....would this work?

-- Wayne Macmillan (, December 28, 2004


Yes it will. I'm living in Norway. In my town we have our own skilift. the biggest problem is to get the rope tight enough.. or it will slipp. you will ned very low gearing thogh.

-- Morten (, January 11, 2005.

Yes it will. I did it once to pul friends on rollerblades to the to of our hill...gearing it low was our proble. Maby put sandpapper on the weel or something to get a good grip and resist sliping.

-- aj (, March 14, 2005.

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