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I use NCE decoders and NCE system.In this engine I used a N12SRP decoder which supports mars lights. I programed the CV for the mars light yet it still does not work. I checked the lighting on DC and it does work. This decoder plugs directly into the PK2 board. The mars light is a dual filament, three lead bulb that is wired into the PK2 board. Life like was unable to help, NCE said I can bring the unit to them, they are great and a local company for me. Anyone solve this problem? I really would like to run this unit with the mars light feature.

-- Bruce Blackman (, December 28, 2004


You hvt done my trick and hit the number 8 button and turned them off on the chip.mike

-- mike drummond (, December 28, 2004.

I am facing this same issue wiht E7s, E9s and a PA1 and looking for advise on how to do this and the required decoder from NCE.

-- Buddy Meyers (, January 03, 2005.

Hello Bruce, I am disappointed in Life Like. I asked them the same question a couple of years ago. I wanted to use their lighting board with a decoder that didn't provide the mars effect. I already had a solution figured out but wanted to confirm with their engineering department before I implemented it. They pleaded ignorance then, too. I was provided with the e-mail address to send my solution to, if it worked. It did and I sent the solution to them. I have the instructions on another computer and will retrieve it if you are still interested. It just requires splitting off the headlight function to F0 and F4, then rewiring the function 4 output to the pin that feeds the mars light. I have used this on the four PA's that I have that use this board. Works great and doesn't require an expensive decoder. Regards, Jon McFadden

-- Jon McFadden (, January 04, 2005.

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