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The Planning Meeting of the 15th Episcopal District produced some interesting leaders for the year 2005 (see: The one that is of most interest to me is that of the representative for the Global Development Council. This position has been filled by the Rev. Daniel J. Jacobs, one that is surely capable of representing the district. Earlier in the year I had the privilege of passing some comments on his labour of love in this direction. The Presiding Elder, the late Rev. Henry Joubert, encouraged him to throw in his weight and ensured that he was clued up as to what was happing in this regard. Rev. Daniels did not allow any moss to grow under his feet, and ensured that he attended all meetings, most of the time as great cost to himself. At the Paarl District Conference Rev. Daniels could share some information and really showed that he knew what was happening. I trust that with him at the helm, the 15th Episcopal District will not be left in the dark as was so often the case in the past. The uniqueness of the South African situation calls on the African Methodist Episcopal Church to have a serious look at its modus operadi as far as leadership is concerned

Love Clive

-- Anonymous, December 23, 2004


Rev. Pillay, could n't get the link to work 9site not fond at tripod).

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2004

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