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Are there then?

-- Amarjit Singh (JAMIESINGH999@HOTMAIL.COM), December 23, 2004


just read a small report in a german mag at the newspaper shop...they loved it to death, except for the price :-) ..a proper test will be coming soon they said. cheers.

-- kelvin norton (, December 24, 2004.

Just read a review of the Tamburini in the UK publication MotorcycleNews - they loved everything about it except the price! As an owner of a six-month-old F4 1000, I've run into loads of "oh yeah, rich-boy can't ride" crap - this is usually the result of people not accepting that you are both a committed rider and that you are prepared to pay for the best there is. My advice is go and ride one, and if you love it, and you can just about afford it, buy one and f##k what everyone else thinks!!

-- Rich F (, December 26, 2004.

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