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Thanks to all of you who prayed and contributed to the A.M.E. Today restoration fund!

I promised you that I would take whatever monies were collected (and I know more is coming in - God has been pouring out financial blessings left and right this week) and attempt to get the site back under our control.....

Please cut and paste this link into your browser:


There is a great deal of work to be done. Clearing out 6,981 e-mails (and some people are still not aware that Rev. Fisher passed nealry two years ago)takes time. We (people have already contacted me) are going through each of the links from the site to see if they are current. We are still learning the layout of this site, so please be patient.

I will be contacting some of you this week to ask for your participation in some new features (the new page gives you a few ideas) that I would llike to add to the board.

Oh yes, two more things:

One, after the renovation is complete, we will be able to move this discussion to a password-protected discussion board that would look something like this:


I am also in the process of setting up documentation so that in the event that I join the Master, the site will continue without interruption.


From my family to yours, and on behalf of my pastor, Rev. Dr. John J. Hunter, we wish all of you a prosperous, safe, blessed and highly favored Christmas.

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2004

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