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I am new to this topic and this question may have been answered, but I could not find it. I am getting ready to convert an existing medium size layout to DCC. Is Lifelike Power-loc steel track and turn outs DCC friendly? I have seen EZ track discussed, but not power-loc which does not use traditional rail joiners. I have not seen the turn outs discussed either. If this has been covered, I apoligize in advance. Thanks

-- Jim Wilson (, December 19, 2004


I believe that the LL Power-Loc track system would be fine for DCC, including their turnouts as they have insulated frogs. However I would not suggest using the steel track because the corrosion will interfere with the DCC signal, resulting in frustration. LL does make a nickle silver Power-Loc track, this is the track that has the grey colored roadbed, this would be far better suited to DCC.

-- Martin Rennison (, December 29, 2004.

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