Herb tea is better than green tea?

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Herb tea is better than green tea ? Is this true? By its offers and advice, I find it in a website ( http://www.sparktea.com )

-- Timedai (healpower@tom.com), December 17, 2004


i have a hard time deciding... hm... green tea is better.

-- shortstop (dogboygoesberserk@sbcglobal.net), December 24, 2004.

Black tea is better than both.

No contest.


-- 2 (1@3.4), December 28, 2004.

aint no tea gonna outdo the rooibos but the fun is in the sipping

now pass me the cake tray

peace out

-- Phil the chill (philinhot@hotmail.com), March 08, 2005.

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