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does he have any poems with a theme of fear if so could you tell me?

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2004


poems, thats a good, one, now 90% of his short stories deal with fear. fear in his poems, most of his poems are romantics, but i would say he shows a sign of fear in a dream within a dream, one of my favorites, it doesnt just flat out says he is afraid but says it figuratively, especially i believe its in the second verse where he goes "oh god can i not grasp one...." referring to saving a grain of sand from the ocean. i believe he is basically saying, that he would like to save one person close to him from dying, or leaving him. in his life everyone either died or grew very distant from him and that was a fear of his. thats my thoughts and opinions now whether they be right or wrong is up to you

-- Anonymous, December 22, 2004

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