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Yunxiang Organic Oolong Tea Base

Since 1996, Xiamen Yunxiang Industry Co. has made large investments in building a highway leading to the top of Mount Ziyun, the highest peak in Anxi, Fujian and cultivated an organic tea farm. Mount Ziyun is 1,300 meters above the sea level and covers an area of over 5000 mu. According to the verification of geologists, Mount Ziyun was a volcano 100 million years ago. Therefore, it has unique topographic features. Viewed from far away, the main peak looks like Maitreya sitting on the mountains. Clouds are floating about Mount Ziyun all the year round. The annual average temperature is 15 to 18 degrees and the annual rainfall is between 1,800 and 2,000 mm. The surface water is tested to contain various mineral substances good to human health. As there is no polluting source around it, Mount Ziyun is endowed with unique natural ecological environment favorable for organic food development. Believing that teat shall dominate the beverage in the 21st century and keeping in mind the idea of self-cultivation, health building and disease prevention, Yunxiang Co. strictly follows the requirements for organic food, applies various measures to grow organic tea that is completely safe for human health, keeps ecological balance and stability in the tea farm and strictly bans chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the farm.

To kill pests - Adopt the organic pesticide developed by the Science Academy of China and Northwest Agricultural University To fertilize - Apply farmyard manure and super biological organic fertilizer app roved by EEC.

Without accelerating culture by chemical fertilizers, the organic tea has a longer growing period than other teas aided by chemical fertilizers. Its picking maturity is delayed 20 days as compared with that of other teas. Therefore, there are only three picking seasons for the organic tea and its output is only two third of that of other teas. Yunxiang Co. adopts the primitive tea making techniques for its organic Oolong tea making and with equipment of modern technology, free from any metals. Therefore, the organic tea manufactured in this way tastes mellow and refreshing. As no spice is added, the organic tea gives you a pleasant, delicate, and lasting taste with sweet smell. Through its hard work in the past few years, Yunxiang Co. has cultivated health teas completely safe for consumers of different groups in different health conditions (including patients sensitive to chemical residues and pregnant women)

Tea Preservative Technology

This tea preservative is a new product which has been creatively developed by Xiamen Yunxiang Industry Co., Ltd. on the basis of integrating high technology with the rich experience of the company accumulated through years of practice. The product has been examined and approved by the related departments of the government.

During the research, the properties of tea and food in all aspects were taken into consideration. The possible problems that might appear during storage were being analyzed and studied. This preservative is effective for long-term storage of tea and other foods. The preservation time for foods with moisture content under 5% is 2 years, and for foods with water content 20% is over 1year,during which, the original content, color, fragrance and taste of the preserved food remain unchanged. Afresh taste is thus guaranteed for the consumers.

Under hermetic conditions, the preservative can absorb all the oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the sealed container (or package) in 2 to 3 days. Thus, the inside of the container (or package) is nearly oxygenfree for a long period of time. The growth of moulds or bio-organisms is inhibited so that the mould growing in food is effectively prevented.

Tealeaf is a kind of food that requires specifically high degree of preservation. The water extract of tealeaves (tea juice) contains amino acids, monosaccharides, disaccharides, vitamins, mineral substances, alkaloids (mainly caffeine) etc. It also contains a great amount of polyphenols (mainly tea polyphenols which are the specific substances in tea), fragrant substances (although such substances only make up about 0.02% of the dry matter, they greatly affect the tea flavor), Phenols are easily oxidized. Tea polyphenols are oxidized to give a brown tea pigment, so that the tea juice becomes dark, the taste thin, and the fragrance weak. The tea preservative developed by the company is able to keep the container (or package) free of oxygen and carbon dioxide for a long period of time. For each 100g of tea, only 2g of preservative are required. The tea can thus be kept fresh for two years. All contents in the tea including color, fragrance and taste will remain unchanged.

Use of the tea preservative was extended to other dry foods, and the preservation effect was found to be satisfactory. It is especially effective for high fat-containing foods, because the unsaturated fatty acids in the fat are easily oxidized by oxygen in the air, causing the fat to yield peroxide compounds (a group of carcinogenic compounds), which will further turn into aldehydes and ketones, causing the food to become rancid.

This product is non-poisonous, odorless, easy to apply, the quality is guaranteed, and the effect outstanding. You are welcome to consult us through telegram or correspondence.

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