tendon transfer or nerve transplants

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Hi Its me again,,,,diane from seattle,,,,,I am just wondering if anyone has any info on tendon transfers or nerve transplant, I am now going on my 15th month of nerve damage following a hip replacement, I am still in severe pain and cannot walk without an afo brace, I dont to wait to long to get answers, I am seeing a neurologist next week for the first time,,,,will see what he says,,,,,thanks for readin this

-- Diane from Seattle (aladin806@peoplepc.com), December 13, 2004


I dont have much info, but the doctor who did my surgery at the Mayo clinic in rochester, MN. told me about it, maybe their website would help. The doctors name at Mayo is Dr. Trousdale.. hope that helps a little

-- megan mckee (megs781_@excite.com), March 05, 2005.

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