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Did the recent presidential election results have anything to do with the lack of activity on this Board?

Be Blessed pastor paris

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2004


Rev Paris,

I am too blessed to be depressed. I am speaking for myself now. There would be no reason to for the presidential alection to change the activity on this board. I think much of the discussions are so political, that I am not real comfortable participating. I do enjoy reading many of the comments, but do not wish to particiapate.

I think reasoning together is a good thing; but sometimes, we fail to reason with each other, and just argue back and forth. There is so much power in this board, yet because we stay divided on issues, it weakens the drawing power the board use to have. Some of the issues we are not going to agree on, and it's like beating a dead horse trying to force agreement.

It's perfectly alright for us to be God-fearing Christians with different views. Sometimes, again to me, opinions are so forced on the same issues that it makes me believe that people are trying to convence themselves.

All do to respect Rev. Paris, even the idea that the lack of participation on a Christian Board could be as a result of a presidential election says something about the decrease of drawing power on the Board. If we don't change the subjects, we will not get changed results.

I am not saying the subjects are bad, but lets stop beating a dead horse. And every now and then bring in a subject that everyone here can participate in. JESUS.

Respectfully, Carmen

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2004

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