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We have added a second booster to our layout. Orginal was a 5 amp and new one is an 8 amp, completely separate divisions, Power feeds and track cut. When trains cross over the track cut, sparks fly and shorts out system. Both sections work fine unless you cross the track cut and when using only one booster. Any ideas on how to solve this?

-- Larry W. Smith (, December 12, 2004



It sounds like you need to reverse the wires going to the track from your new booster.

-- Allan Gartner (, December 12, 2004.

Do you feed the from separate transformer? That is a requirement for most boosters.

-- Jan Frelin (, December 12, 2004.

Yes, power to booster is from a separate transformer.

-- Larry W Smith (, December 12, 2004.

Yes, power to booster is from a separate transformer.x

-- Larry W Smith (, December 12, 2004.

Allan is right. You have track power "phase" reversed between the two divisions. Reverse the orientation of the track wires from ONE of the boosters.

You can verify track phasing (or polarity) by testing with a 14V light bulb. The bulb should light when placed across the tracks on either divisions (powered by one booster), or diagonally across the division rail gaps. It should NOT light up when placed across a rail gap on the same rail....If it does, rail polarity is reversed at that gap.


-- Don Vollrath (, December 13, 2004.

Track is working great. One of the club members also came up the same answer about reversing the power leads. Thanks for all the help and especially quick response.

-- Larry Smith (, December 13, 2004.

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