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Recently diagnosed with traumatic AVN in my foot. My podiatrist is advovcating a bone stimulator as a treatment option. What is it? Is it a successful treatment? I can find no information about it relative to AVN.

-- Barbara Beck (, December 09, 2004


If you find out anything let me know. The only info I can find relates to the hip. Apparently this joint in my foot in not a common area for this type problem.

-- Tara S Parler (, February 17, 2005.

the bone stimulator sends low electric pulses to the foot simulating your bodies tendancies to repair broken bones. They have the same success rate as surgery. I am currently using one for my foot right now. They sound pretty impressive, though the person who supplied me with most the information on it was a sales person. Doctors have agreed though that they really do work so i am looking forward to the results

-- jo jo (, February 20, 2005.

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