26 cc weed eater motor to a bike?

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I have a 26 cc weedwacker engine and id like to montit to the back of my bike. Can you guys send me plans?

Thanks Davis

-- Davis Clayton (Davoclavo07700@aol.com), December 08, 2004


Haha, sorry i don't have any plans or blueprints, but I have actually built one...and you might want to spend your time building something else. I had a weedwacker engine (motors are electrical) and I put it on my 10 speed bicycle. So i would have an engin and a transmition to get into those higher speeds...uunfortunately I cant start the engine, i never planned for a neutral gear, so I kinda have to jump start it, start rinding the bicycle until the engine turns over, this takes alot of effort. Not only that but the chain slips off all the time, need to make a bracket to hold the chain, or plan for a chain wider than the standard bicycle chain. But if all considerations are taken, you might have a moneymaking design that you could patent and sell to a big corporation, or just have fun riding around your neighborhood in...well anyways good luck.

p.s. mine is now laying in the middle of a junk yard=)

-- Cory (Gunboundtycoon@yahoo.com), January 14, 2005.

i mount a pollen chain saw to my bike I was clocked by the police doing 55mph thank god i was only 15 and they thought it was funny mount it on a set of 2 by 6's sandwiched together it will work with no chain guard if you allign proper. chain saw is easier because they have a cluch but you buy one for a go cart cheap.

-- Derrick Schmidt (vanessaderrick@yahoo.com), January 22, 2005.

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