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I have had a snapping hip that is painful when sittng for long periods at a time or when I walk for an extended time. I have been to many doctors over the past 9 years and was told it was no big deal and nothing could be done about it. My sister had similar symptoms and recently had arthroscopic surgery for a labral tear. I told this to my physician and he sent to an orthopedic doctor. He ordered an MRI without the dye and it came back clear. He said that if I were to have a tear there would be some swelling in the area or some indication that something was wrong with my hip. He diagnosed me with Snapping Hip Syndrome and said it would cause the same symptoms as a tear. I have loose joints all over my body and have problems with them for as long as my hip. I told the doctor that I still want the MRI with dye to rule out a tear. If anyone knows if it's possible to have a tear without swelling in the area, or if the the pain can get worse over the years with Snapping Hip Syndrome I'd appreciate anyt information you could give me. I'm going back to see the doctor next month and I'm suppose to let him know if I still want the MRI. Thanks, Shelly

-- Shelly Schwartz (, December 08, 2004


Hi Shelly, I am 21 years old and was just diagnosed with a labral tear. I would tell your doctor that you want an MRI with dye...that's what my doc finally used to diagnose my tear. I dont have any swelling in the hip area or any redness or tenderness on the outside of my hip. I just have a lot of groin pain when I stand, sit, walk, etc...My pain has progressed dramatically so next week I am scheduled for an arthroscopy. I would recommend the MRI because if it is a tear then if you dont get it fixed you may develop arthritis in the hip. Hope this helps some. Megan

-- Megan Campbell (, February 07, 2005.

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