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Please tell me the best two or three books I should buy before starting to build a DCC layout?



-- Stephen Laminack (, December 06, 2004


In addition to the Wiring For DCC website, it has links to other DCC webpages as well as includes a webring for DCC. There is a lot of free DCC help on the Internet!

-- Allan Gartner (, December 13, 2004.

Actually you don't need any of those books. Allan has almost everything you need to know on his website.

It is just like TV. You really don't need to know all the details of how it works in order to be able to use and enjoy it.

IMHO NCE has the easiest to use human interface and is dirt simple to operate. Many other forums like this one exist on the web to help you when or if required. These are invaluable to learn what decoder to install into your new loco, and how. Yes, there are some subtle differences between DC and DCC operation, but you are not likely to read about them in books. Just hook it up and it will work with most home layouts.


-- Don Vollrath (, December 07, 2004.

Hello Stephen, A free manual with loads of DCC information can be downloaded from This is the home of EasyDCC, one of the most under rated and under priced DCC systems. There are actually some modelers who have never heard of this system! This manual, coupled with Allen's "Wiring for DCC" provides all the information needed for DCC. I have purchased other manuals, but learned nothing that wasn't covered in the referenced resources. Regards, Jon McFadden

-- Jon McFadden (, January 04, 2005.

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