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Hi people.I m from Turkey.I live in very bad conditions because i have so much debt around.My father died 1 year a go and now i m alone with my mother.We even do not have any thing to eat at the moment.Y m writing this message from a cafe with my last money.The owner of the house we live shoot us from the house because we could not pay the rents.NOW i intended to sell one of my KIDNEYs.I m 30 years old and my blood type is '0' RH -.I m very healthy and i can give my kidney when ever you want but you have to come to Turkey for the transplantation.I m offering 150.000 EURO.I ll pay much of this money for our debts and rest for eating something up to the time i ll find a job.Thanks for your helps from now.Have nice and healthy days.

phone:0090 538 403 50 30

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2004

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