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Me and my friend are trying to build a petrol scooter from scratch and we really dont know were to begin, can someone please help us buy giving us some plans, step by step instructions, or a link to a site that explains alot about it. Also(i know im pushing it) were in victoria and we'd be very grateful if someone could tell us of a store that sells parts for scooters like engines etc. Thank you Bob and he's mate david.

-- Bob smith (, December 04, 2004


I build motor driven scooters myself. I have a direct drive 50?cc husqvarna chainsaw engine scoot I just finished building. This is my third custom build among many that I have purchased. the new runs at the appx. speed of 45mph. not to mention it carries my 250+ weight! I've been doing this for about two years and never see any custom scoots. I happen to be web watch'in when I came across this site. Good seeing some innovative alike minds out there. I addition I found a site that may help many of you out there.Cause the same question keeps coming up "how/where do I start?" "can I get some plans to start?" well GO TO . I know that this may be one of you guys that own this web site? but I'm not stealing it just referring it to the ones interested!! plus there is no name to it that I noticed. you can ask for pics and I can respond

-- matt brown (, December 09, 2004.

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