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I am catholic and never have been married although I have a young daugther. I plan to marry a non catholic who is divorced. Can we marry in the Catholic Church. Would she need an annulment? Or is it not possible for a non catholic to marry in the catholic church?

-- Todd Keller (, December 02, 2004


Response to Non married Catholic to marry divorced non catholic

She would need an annulment. If she qualifies for one, then you could marry in the Catholic Church, subject to the usual conditions for mixed marriages - you as the Catholic party would be asked to state that this marriage will not pose a threat to the practice of your Catholic faith, and that you will do all in your power to baptize your children in the Catholic Church and to raise them in the Catholic faith. But first the tribunal must provide you with the service of determining for you, through the annulment process, that the person you hope to marry is not already married to someone else.

-- (, December 02, 2004.

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