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I am a 29 year old female born with congenital hip dysplasia and am quite desperately in need of surgery. The pain, as many of you have reported, is completely debilitating. My insurance will not cover the procedure as it is considered "Investigative" in the US. Does anyone have any experience with paying for the procedure out of their pocket in Europe? How much would it cost? Also, my doctor in the US informed me that the implants in Europe are not near the quality of those in the US, manufactured by Wright Medical. This sounded extremely suspicious to me. Does anyone have any helpful advice? I'm against a wall here. I'm going to lose my job because I don't have the physical capabilities to work, so I won't have the money to pay for the surgery out of pocket, but I can't work without the surgery. Any advice is appreciated.

-- Jessy Tebow (, December 02, 2004


What surgery are they recomending? PAO? If it is PAO this is not considered investiagtive as far as I know. It's a reconstructive surgery that does not involve implants, just moving the bone that is allready there. I know many people who have had this surgery in the US and thier insurance has helped pay.

-- Margaret Miller (, December 08, 2004.

HI Jessy. I don't have an answer to your question, in fact I would like to ask the same question, only I will specify that I would like to have hip resurfacing done. I have rt. congenital hip dysplasia, now with severe secondary arthritis, and I am only 32. I don't know if my surgeon in Vancouver will do it, see him in March.If he won't however, I would like to go to the people who do it routinely, in Europe. Anyone have some info to share on this?

-- Jennifer Halverson (, February 13, 2005.

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