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Congratulations to Bishop Wilfred Messiah for a fine and moving tribute paid at the televised service of Comrade Joyce Kgoali, National Council of Province's Chairperson who passed on suddenly during last week.

Addressing the South African Cabinet led by President Mbeki, Bishop Messiah quoted from Exodus "bring his bones home with you". Conrade Kgoali's bones must be taken home and not be left in a foreign land. The Bishop reminded those attending this home-going celebration that though we have arrived, South Africa cannot rest until all is free, that poverty be eradicated and that the wealth of this country in is the hands of its people.

African Methodists did not make a mistake when it elected Dr. Messiah a Bishop, and we look forward to this young giant taking and making bigger strides in the annals of history.

Rev. & Mrs Clive Pillay and family Oak Grove Cloetesville congregation

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2004

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