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I'm an RN in a hospital in Ohio. My charge nurse wrote on a employee counseling form that I have a negative attitude & that I said f---- at the nurses desk in front of a doctor. I did admit I said this word under my breath but not to the doctor. I don't think he heard me. This charge nurse has been having some trouble from the nurse manager & I believe she's trying to pin some blame on me. I have since transferredto another unit. On my exit eval she wrote that other staff were voicing concern about me using foul language in the halls. I was so upset & in shock I signed the eval. I had signed a 2 year contract for a $5,000 sign-on bonus & had a year to go. The hospital says I have to pay this back because I transferred to another department. Can I sue for libel & do I have to pay back the bonus?

-- Deborah Moore (, November 28, 2004

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