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For the last few weeks, my private students and I have been taking and exchanging lesson notes. Probably many teachers & students are already doing this; but in case not, I'll just mention that it helps the students focus their practicing; helps me maintain proper sequence; helps us cover everything that needs covering at lessons -- and makes us aware of just how much we *are* covering. The way we're doing it is that I take notes in lessons; this takes a total of less than 5 minutes spread throughout the lesson, and more than repays itself. The student takes his or her own notes soon after the lesson, and emails them to me the same day. I email them back, together with any additions, comments or corrections from my notes, which I flesh out in a way appropriate for that particular student. I could post an example if anyone's interested, and of course would be interested in seeing edamples from others.

-- James Boyk (boyk@performancerecordings.com), November 27, 2004

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