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I had TKR on right kenn 7/1/04. The day after surgery while in PT my knee buckled causing me much pain. I have been in constant pain from the day of surgery. The pain gets worse with miinor activity and has gotten worse with no activity at all. I feel a clunking when walking and feel as though the knee is out of balance as there is no sense of fluid motoin while walking. It is now close to 6 moonths post op and the pain is getting worse. My OS feels it could be pain signals from my pain. I am a reitred Firefighter and have had numerous injuries and this pain IS NOT COMING FROM MY BRAIN. My OS is sending me for a bone scan. Any ideas on the cause of this pain would be greatly appreciated , as I am in MORE pain now than before the surgery and I am at my wits end...Thanks

-- Jim Sac (, November 26, 2004


My story is similar except for the "buckling you describe" post surgery. I had my TKR surgery 9/20/04 and have experienced constant pain since. My balance is good, but I can not get my leg straight. I have a second opinion set up this week but am curious what you have found out. My doc sees no alignment problems and suggested it was also "in my head". I had a seies of blocks that did nothing...

Can you tell me what you have found out?

-- Sharon Frey (, February 27, 2005.

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